The Artist’s Bio

The Artist’s Bio
Bryan Damewood
CEO - Founder-Jigsaw Artisan

Bryan Damewood: Crafting Multi-Dimensional Jigsaw Artistry

Bryan Damewood is a visionary artist whose mastery lies in the creation of Artisan Jigsaw, a genre-defying wooden puzzle that transcends traditional boundaries. His puzzles are not mere flat images to be assembled; they are multi-dimensional works of art that invite exploration and wonder. Crafted for play and display.

The Artisan Jigsaw Experience: A Journey Beyond the Surface

Each of Damewood’s puzzles features intricately cut pieces that trace the contours of the artwork. These pieces can be lifted out of the image, revealing a three-dimensional tableau. But the mystique doesn’t stop there—when you peer into the frame of a Damewood puzzle, you’ll discover yet another hidden image beneath the puzzle piece. These secondary images often hold a thematic connection to the primary artwork, adding layers of meaning and intrigue.

A Life Shaped by Creativity

Born in California in 1976, Damewood’s unconventional path led him away from formal education and into a world of artistic exploration. In the early 90’s at the age of 17, he struck out on his own, living in Texas and Tennessee. It was during this time that he began contemplating his craft, imagining woodwork and design.

In 1994, Damewood returned to Southern California, where he embarked on his journey as an artisan. His wooden puzzles quickly gained acclaim, prompting him to open three distinct studio/gallery locations in Northern California. Visitors could witness him at work, meticulously cutting each piece by hand.

Gump’s and International Recognition

In 1996, Damewood’s reputation reached new heights when he collaborated with the world-renowned department store Gump’s in Downtown San Francisco. His Artisan Jigsaw puzzles became sought-after treasures for collectors and pop-art enthusiasts alike.

A Transatlantic Move

In 2012, Damewood made a bold move across continents, settling in London, United Kingdom. There, he continued to push artistic boundaries, opening a studio/gallery/workshop in the vibrant Stables Market of Camden Town from 2015 to 2018. His presence added a touch of enchantment to the bustling market square.

However, life took an unexpected turn when illness forced him to close his beloved shop. Undeterred, Damewood channelled his creative energy into managing the picture framing department of a small company in Crouch End. There, he infused his expertise into every frame. In this fortunate turn of events, Damewood reinvented his craft and designed an Art Glass frame that elevated the Artisan Jigsaw to a new level.

The Digital Showcase:

Today, Bryan Damewood’s legacy lives on exclusively through his online platform: Here, pop-art enthusiasts from around the world can explore his captivating puzzles, each one an invitation to delve deeper into imagination and craftsmanship.

Discover the extraordinary fusion of pop-art and puzzle-making that defines Bryan Damewood—an artist who transforms wood into wonder.